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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Above & Beyond Drapery Motorization

Did you know?
BTX goes beyond drapery and roller shade motorization

Specialty Automation Systems

More than 28 years ago, BTX started in the automation industry by offering highly customized specialty systems. Today, the market increasingly calls for such specialty products. BTX sets itself apart as a leader in the industry by providing automation solutions for nearly any type of window treatment. BTX offers a wide range of specialty systems such as vertical blinds, lift and lift/tilt shades and skylight systems.

By controlling the presence and absence of light, you can greatly impact the comfort level of interior spaces. BTX specializes in giving customers the control to create the perfect balance of light in order to best suit their designs. Whether for AC or DC applications, BTX brings window treatments to life at the touch of a button. When an interior space calls for automation, BTX is your source! 

BTX Slenderline™
The BTX Slenderline™ System offers excellent light control by allowing for both rotate and traverse functions. As one of BTX's premier lines, vertical motorization is still popular today. With a variety of vane and spacing options, BTX can custom-build to fit your project.

BTX Slenderline™ Features
  • Motor is mounted behind track and completely hidden by the headrail.
  • One button operation for rotating and traversing.
  • Two tracks of equal length can be butted together for large widths
  • Accepts 2", 3-1/2" or 5" vanes  
BTX MotorBlind™ MLS-40 
The BTX MotorBlind™ MLS-40 System is the solution for automating lift and lift/tilt shades and blinds. With this patented system, BTX can motorize all pleated and cellular shades, as well as mini and wood blinds with ease.

BTX MotorBlind™ MLS-40 Features
  • Capable of lifting and tilting shades or blinds with existing cords
  • Can use any of the custom control options available
  • Quiet, easy to install systems
  • Pre-set automatic shut-off limit switches  
BTX Sky Control™

BTX Sky Control™ systems offer solutions where many projects need it most. Skylights are notorious for great room lighting and extra heat. Motorized skylight systems let your customer control their environment at their convenience.

BTX Sky Control™ Features 
  • Shading material of systems completely clears window when retracted
  • Systems have direct drive synchronous motors
  • Built-in switches ensure automatic shut-off
  • Curved to specification
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The latest in low-voltage technology

The overwhelming trend over the last few years has been in the improvement of products based on three key factors: accessibility, sustainability and overall simplicity. BTX has been working diligently to ensure that all these features are standard in the BTX motorization program. Our fully-fabricated roller shade line is a prime example of this commitment to raising the bar.

BTX roller shades are custom built from start to finish. Covering a wide range of applications, each shade is manufactured on demand to work for a specific project and environment. BTX combines a simple, streamlined presentation with some of the strongest and most versatile motorized hardware systems in the industry to deliver unquestionable power and reliability.

BTX systems are available with a wide range of fabulous fabrics through The Coulisse Portfolio and boast our advanced Intelligent Fashion™ motorization technology. Some key features of the DC line include:

  1. Multiple system configurations for small or medium sized systems
  2. Over 700 options with The Coulisse Portfolio premium decorative fabrics
  3. Multiple power options including battery, solar or plug-in transformer
  4. Built-in radio and networking technology
  5. Electronic or mechanical limits 

The power that drives your business...


Magnum™ technology is the latest addition to BTX's DC line of motorized window coverings. Even through its our smallest motor yet, Magnum™ packs a punch! With built-in controls and multiple power options, this is the ideal solution for motorization beginners or pros alike! Order your custom shade with Magnum™ technology today.


Quantum™ is the industry's first true solar technology. Only on the market for a short time, BTX has over 10,000 solar-driven systems in the field. Combining convenient control technology and solar energy as a wireless power source, Quantum™ motors make an ideal solution for the right projects.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fully Fabricated Roller Shade Systems

Powerfully reliable shading technology

BTX manufactures complete, made-to-order motorized and manual roller shade systems. Our roller shade program features a full line of systems custom-built from start to finish. Covering a wide range of applications, each BTX shade will be manufactured to work for specific projects and environments. BTX combines a beautifully streamlined product with some of the strongest and most versatile motorized hardware systems in the industry to deliver unquestionable power and reliability.

With a wide selection of designer fabrics and architecturally sound hardware, BTX raises the bar on quality. BTX roller shade installations are featured in top hotels around the world, from the Sofitel Chicago Water Tower to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, BTX has proven to be a go-to source for roller shades.

  • Multiple system configurations for medium and large shades
  • Over 700 options with The Coulisse Portfolio by BTX premium decorative fabrics
  • Built-in radio and networking technology
  • Reliable performance with lifting capacities up to 125 lbs
  • Electronic or mechanical limits

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Be Our Guest & Happy 4th of July!

By professionals for professionals

Be our "Guest Writer"!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Lifestyle of Comfort

BTX brings window treatments to life at the touch of a button

With the rapid advancement of technology, motorized window 
treatments are one of the biggest tech opportunities in 2013

Automated window coverings are a distinct BTX specialty. BTX has been serving the window covering industry for over 28 years by supplying top of the line motorization solutions. BTX motorized shades are simple to install and easy to maintain. A gentle push of a button, often guided by the invisible hand of automation, will smoothly open, close, or adjust shades to optimize vision or privacy as required.

Through our reliable products and services, BTX will work closely with you to take the leap from manual systems into the world of motorization. Automation offers the quickest boost to your bottom line. BTX can help build your business by providing high quality, technically advanced systems custom-tailored for your projects.

Why Motorize?

  • Eliminate manual pull cords: create a safe environment
  • Privacy and protection: maximize control when needed the most
  • Give life to large windows by adding simple functionality
  • Accessibility: make sure the environment is ADA friendly for years to come
  • Modern expectations: don't be left behind when home automation takes over
Let your customers enjoy the comfort of home knowing that their BTX automated systems are among the very best that money can buy. Whether for roller shades, drapery, vertical blinds or more, BTX systems will raise your customer's comfort level to new heights.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green Window Covering Technology

Enjoy the convenience of solar technology!

With over 10,000 solar-driven systems in the field, BTX solar technology is a proven solution for green and sustainable projects. Easy installation, no wiring, and built-in control can provide a truly wire-free solution for properly pre-qualified projects. 

Why go solar?

  • Solar power options for drapery or roller shade systems 
  • No external batteries or wiring required
  • Enjoy the convenience of renewable energy provided by a compact solar panel, which can be easily mounted on the inside of the window
  • Self-sustainable when placed in direct sunlight
  • Easy radio control with built-in RF receiver
  • Choose your favorite way to operate with RF remote controls or wall switches
  • Integrate today with many popular home automation systems
  • Touch-control feature for manual operation (drapery systems only)

Interested in solar technology? Check out our guide to solar. Call one of our team members and learn how you can leverage BTX solar products and controls to enhance your business today!

Do Your Part!

BTX strives to promote a greener, healthier planet. This unique solar powered drapery system won the 2010 Best Technical Innovation in Motorization award from the Window Covering Manufacturers Association!

Now's your chance to make a difference. Call us today to learn more about our solar powered systems and start making a difference in your                                                                            own company, from one system at a time to full projects.

Note: When using solar power, be sure to pre-qualify your project for quality operation. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Drawing the Curtains

Turn off that light!

In today's modern lives of business, blackout shades are a blessing; however, they began as a saving grace during WWII. Blackout material originated during WWII in Great Britain to conceal light from the German planes. According to BBC, Blackout curtains' stopped light from rooms showing from outside. There were no street lights either. The idea was to stop lights from towns guiding enemy planes to drop bombs. German pilots were given the go-ahead to bomb buildings if they saw light. WWII has ended and blackout shades have evolved into more economic uses that include saving your customers money.

Reasons for Blackout Shades
Blackout shades have three main functions
  • Reduce energy costs
  • block light
  • and help noise reduction
Blackout Shades Reduce Energy Costs
Are west-facing or southwest rooms challenging to work with? Blackout shades can retain heat during winter and maintain light while keeping out heat during the summer. Increase energy efficiency with timers or sun sensors controls to give homeowners the greatest amount of flexibility and get the best use of their space.

Blackout Shades Block Light
Blackout shades can create the ambiance of night for those that work at night and sleep during the day or those that live in a big city and have to sleep with a streetlight outside their bedroom window. They are also a must-have for media rooms giving a theatrical experience. Blackout shades even help reduce the glare on television screens. These present an excellent way to help get your client's windows ready for the next Super Bowl!
Help your client’s get their man cave ready for Game Day!

Blackout Shades Block Noise
Are the neighbors having a party? Is there a bad thunderstorm? Are you tired from sleep deprivation? It’s possible to block sound from neighbors, a busy road, or the train that travels through your neighborhood. Blackout shades will not completely soundproof a room; however, they will drastically reduce noise levels, which are helpful for a baby’s nursery and a nap time life saver! Have you ever wondered why your child wakes up at the crack of dawn on weekends? Blackout shades from BTX will help eradicate this problem and parents might regain an hour or two of  much needed sleep.

Summer is right around the corner, so there is no better time to find ways to cut energy costs while enhancing Game Day or regaining your sleep pattern. It's unbelievably simple, just let BTX know what you're looking for and we will help you out!


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